2013. Aug. Colorado Korea Day

2013. Aug. Colorado Korea Day

Colorado Korea Day was held on August 3rd, at the Infinity Park Event Center, in Glendale. About 1,000 people came to Korean Day. It was a great opportunity to show Korean culture..

The event held a Korean food trade show, Korean pop music (K-pop) contest/concert, and traditional performances. The main goal is to make Korean food and Korean culture more known to the world, and bring cultures together. K-pop has a great beat and is an excellent way to learn Korean. The highlight of the event was the U.S. and Korean K-pop contest/concert, where contestants sang or danced to win a chance to make an album in South Korea. The battle was fierce, but in the end Chloe Jeon, was the winner of the Grand Prize award.

She is a 17 year old girl from Colorado Springs. She was extremely surprised and happy to win such a big award. The KACFC hopes that twice as many people will come next year, to Colorado Korean Day.

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