2018. Sep. 2018 Midterm Voting Campaign

2018. Sep. 2018 Midterm Voting Campaign


Out of 123,927 eligible AAPI voters in Colorado, only about 35,000 registered to vote. The purpose of our project is to encourage all generations of Korean/Asian-Americans to register and vote in the 2018 midterm election and future elections so that we are represented on local and federal levels. Through this voting campaign, our aim is to boost awareness of our right to vote and the importance of exercising this right. “Number is power,” and we can make our voice heard so that our community values will be reflected in local and federal policies. Along with this video project, our goal is to help Asian-Americans of all abilities to register to vote. We also want to encourage community members to reach out to 2-3 family members and friends so that we can make this movement last beyond one person.

Summary of the project:

Making a campaign video that can enlighten and encourage all generations to go out and vote. This video will be widely available through youtube, websites and social media 

Helping online registration easy and accessible through KACFC website and outreach community services. This was made possible through help of Colorado Secretary of State, Disability Law Colorado, APIAVote, CU Denver, CSU, KACFC steering committee members and volunteers.

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